karuppu Excellent wallpaper

A pack of 6 wallpapers with different resolutions compatible with mobiles, PCs and laptops. Pack consists of: Lord Karuppu cool wallpaper : 1920*1080(PNG) Lord Karuppu  cool wallpaper : 1366*768(PNG) Lord Karuppu cool wallpaper : 320*568(PNG) Lord Karuppu  cool wallpaper : 1280*800(PNG) Lord Karuppu  cool wallpaper : 320*480(PNG) Lord Karuppu cool wallpaper : 1024*640(PNG) All these […]

kokku Vettiyan

Sri Kokku Vettiyan Karuppasamy Temple

Over 100 years ago, lord Karuppasamy in the form of stone found near cauvery river bank, Musiri area, Tamil Nadu. Not knowing the lord in the form of stone, a nearby family took the stone and started using it as a counter weight in pump foe for field cultivation, for their surprise the amount of […]


History of Karuppar

Karuppu Sami (also called by many other names) is one of the regional Tamil  male deities who is popular among the rural social groups of South India, especially Tamil Nadu and small parts of Kerala. He is one of the 21 associate folk-deities of Ayyanar and is hence one of the so-called Kaval Deivams of […]

Vallakattu Karuppasamy

Vallakattu Karuppasamy Temple

Vallakattu Karuppasamy temple is situated en route to Ayyanar Kovil right in the middle of forest. Lord Karuppu Samy is one of the 21 associate folk-deities of Ayyanar. This temple is located next to awesome dam that supply water to Rajapalayam Township. This temple is one of the most believable god and famous in this […]